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Need you be a samurai to be loyal and strong, to know what is worth fighting for?


Set in fictional late 16th century feudal Japan, 'Swordless' is a lighthearted short manga revolving around the lives of two boys - Nils, a samurai in-training; and Sasaki, a travelling street performer. After swearing their unbreakable friendship at a young age, Nils had often wondered why Sasaki mysteriously never came back to the village to perform again... Now, several years later, his friend unexpectedly returns to his life once more but brings with him a choice that Nils has to choose - and may forever regret...


BOOK 2 COMING OCTOBER 2017 ! - see the artwork and video for the project! - read the manga!




An ongoing manga project. 'Black Coyote' (current working name) is inspired by the serene Buddhist culture and traditional splendour that is found in Thailand. Set in a world of Heavens where spirits live a breezy afterlife away from unaware humans on Earth, the manga follows one such life of a coyote spirit - Len. As Len meets a spirit who strangely looks human, they journey together in hope of regaining her memories and unwittingly learn about the darker corners of the Heavens...

An adventure dressed in oriental influence; it is a story that would portray a wonderful meeting, the importance of memory and a spirited fantasy .


POSTPONED ~~~ see the artwork for the project!