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I am a traditional artist and most of my works are made with watercolour paints.


My style varies but I typically draw and paint in an anime/manga style. I like to include lots of small detail and my paintings tend to be colourful! I like to paint a piece with the intention of making people happy when they see it.


I'm currently working on an original manga/comic.




Name: Nikki Kidura


Pen name: Kidura


Gender: Female


Study: Environmental Science



Residence: UK


Art tools:

Winsor and Newton: Cotman and Artists' Water Colour brands

Dr. Ph Martin's watercolours

Winsor and Newton coloured inks

Winsor and Newton Designers Gouache


Muji sketchbook

Arches [hot press] paper



I do exist! You can find me at conventions or follow my artwork on Facebook, instagram or Tumblr!

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